Elan Valley

by Barry Mills, composer; Sam Brown, guitar; duo Ahlert-Schwab, mandolin & guitar; Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Peter Vronsky

GUITAR CONCERTO The Travels of Turlough O’Carolan
Composed for Sam Brown

”Turlough O’Carolan
(1670-1738) was the son of a blacksmith who lived in County Meath, Ireland. He caught smallpox in 1688 which left him blind. His father’s employer taught him to play the harp and subsequently provided him with a horse and a travelling companion so that he could travel and perform. He went on to write many beautiful melodies.

In this piece, I have made arrangements of some of these melodies and composed “musical episodes” evoking wind, sea, rivers, mountains, night, and scattered these among the Carolan arrangements. I hope to give a sense of his lifestyle of constant travel.”
- Barry Mills

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