a Fancy
an English lute-song recital

The lute occupied a huge place in the Elizabethan soul: considered the “Queen of Instruments”, it was much admired for its delicate, brittle timbre and gentle melancholy. Much of the most beautiful music of the era was written for the lute, and this recital explores some of the instrument’s finest exponents.
Music by William Byrd, John Danyel, Peter Phillips, Francis Cutting, and John Dowland

“divine operete”
the lute book of Vincenzo Capirola

One of the earliest masters of the lute, Capriola’s works survive in a beautiful manuscript compiled and illuminated by his student, Vidal. This recital is devoted to Capirola’s music, which, with its unique voice and poetry, is amongst the loveliest of the early Italian renaissance.

Privately compos’d for your delight
John Danyel’s songbook