"A rising star"
Chris Goodwin, Lute News

 photo by Guy Hills

photo by Guy Hills

Sam Brown is a renaissance lutenist and classical guitarist. He presently lives in Bath, UK, where he pursues a busy performing career. 

Sam was first mentored by Sasha Levtov at the Regis School of Music, who influenced him profoundly.
He briefly enrolled at the Junior Department of the Royal College of Music before going on to full-time study there, where he trained with Charles Ramirez and Jakob Lindberg. After graduating in 2015, Sam studied with Lorenzo Micheli at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italia.

"The British lutenist was an attentive accompanist, and his beautiful solos were captivating."
Ingo Negwer, Online Musik Magazin

Sam has performed across the UK, and in Spain, France, Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, China and Kenya - where he was privileged to give the debut performance of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez with Nairobi Orchestra. He has played in such venues as the House of Lords, the Barbican centre, Bolivar Hall, St Martin in the Fields, Shakespeare's Globe, and St James' Piccadilly, and in festivals including the Chichester Festival, the European Lute Festival, and Seville International Guitar Festival.    


"Mystical and mesmeric, Sam interpreted with a strength and sensitivity that captivated the audience..."
Angela McTavish, Good Vibrations

Sam is most active as a renaissance lutenist and focuses on the music of the 16th and 17th centuries. He is particuarly sought after as an accompanist for his sensitive knowledge of the lute-song repertory, which he performs frequently with Emma Kirkby's group Dowland Works.
Sam specialises in the lute music of John Danyel, and has given various papers and lecture recitals on this remarkable composer. In 2015 he helped to organise the Samuel Daniel Conference held at the Royal College of Music. 

“… a beautiful guitar concerto. Sam Brown is the guitarist and he plays the piece wonderfully. Lovely, ethereal... a wonderful recording!” 
Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine

Sam was made an Honorary Member of the West Sussex Guitar Club in 2012. He plays a spruce and ziricote guitar made in 2012 by Daniele Chiesa, and a spruce and yew 7-course lute by Michael Lowe, formerly owned by Antony Rooley.

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Sam is currently supported by Help Musicians UK.

He is also grateful for the support of
EMI Music Sound Foundation
J.R. esq.
Friends of the Regis School of Music
West Sussex Guitar Club
The Rotary Clubs of South-East England
Betty Martin Charity
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